DIRECT APPEAL: An interview with Rose Knox-Peebles, Apollo Magazine

rose knox peebles apollo magazine

September 2018 An interview with Susan Moore of Apollo Magazine. The article, apart from featuring contemporary and kinetic art, brings the value of ‘excluded’  artists to the attention of the art establishment, and the work of the charity Outside In in achieving this. Rose Knox-Peebles keeps her collection of outsider art in a house as … Read more


Witty, clever, above all thoughtful, Rebecca Forster makes connections – between shapes, ideas, images; connections over time and space; connections between now and then:  connections between us and history; between reality and myth; between where we live now and ancient maps that show the bones beneath the skin. Colours change;  rose pink, ink-blue, red, ochre, … Read more


I first met Ana Pacheco in 1999.  I had been visiting Monika Kinley and noticed on her wall a painting of an orange rubber glove.  I was told it was by Ana and that it had been returned by the man who had bought it because his wife had disliked it.  I wondered that a … Read more


There is a positive side to obsession. Sometimes many are not too much and repetition is in the act of making, not in the work made. These objects may just be faces in a crowd but within their mass, their similarities and their differences, something wholly new is formed. Each is an individual; this is … Read more


PAT MEAR   Standing beside a wall of small, fluid line drawings, was a small, elegant lady.  She hardly came up to my shoulder as we stood together and studied the little pictures. Little is not an adequate description. Their reach could be emboldened; the line and its movement are so precise, so correct, they … Read more

Stephen White in Venice

Stephen White is a quiet and thoughtful artist. Artists, in a sense that belies the freedom they claim for their art, are disciplined as well as independent. It is counter-intuitive but I think it may have been a combination of these virtues, discipline and independence, that enabled him, as a submariner, to live many months … Read more

Offerings by Lucy Brown

OFFERINGS by LUCY BROWN Project Space, Collect 2012 Offerings had a very strong subjective effect on me; a frisson caused by the intermingling of delight and fear. The piece is seductive and draws the observer in; however, by moving through it they became an active participant; either victim or predator. The arrangement is tactile and … Read more