Credit: Robert Taylor
Photo by Robert Taylor

I am working on draft of a new novel and at the same time writing short stories. To change from one medium to another is helpful; it prevents sclerosis of style or story-line.

My other main interest is art. I have collected art that I love for over fifty years; Modern British, contemporary and modern artists. Also artists who used to be called ‘Outsider’ but who, with the help of various organisations, chiefly Outside In, are now understood to be artists with power equal to any to  enthrall, bewilder and delight us.

Another of my interests is buildings, specifically those I have tried to convert to house a family of husband, four children and at one time two dogs, two guinea pigs and two goldfish. The houses started small, grew as our family did, and then shrank as the children left home.  Now we live in a pint-sized mews house in Central London and a pint-sized beach-house on the South Coast.

My third interest is modelling and television extra work; both are helpful to me as a writer as I go places, meet people and do things I would not otherwise experience.

I am generally like a Hermit Crab in its shell; but you can read about what I do when I’ve emerged here.

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