SINS by Mary Telford

Illustrated by Louise Verity

The ancient Seven Deadly Sins are still among us, though wearing modern dress.

In this lavish, stunningly illustrated modern interpretation, the victims take revenge on their tormentors. The weak become strong and the powerful weak. The stories are humorous, violent and erotic; a celebration of the joy of sinning and of taking revenge. Each story, each sin, is different in setting, character and mood. Each sin in turn is inspected, tested and described in spare and unsparing prose. In each, the sin and the sinner are shown as malevolent, the victim undeserving of their state.

This graphic fable is conceived as a collection illustrating Envy, Pride, Avarice, Sloth, Gluttony, Anger and Lust. The drawings and collages illuminate the foibles and wickedness described; from perpetrator to victim, no-one can hide.