I have a recurring dream. In it I fly back to Tempelhof, again and again. I pass under the giant canopy. It is raining, but I am dry. I hear my footsteps crossing the empty concourse. No-one looks at my papers; there is no-one here but me. Outside, my car is parked, the driver waiting. … Read more


BRAINCHILD It is crying again. Which one? Which one is making the noise? I am in charge here. I am The Nurse. The light is bright. I wear a gauze mask; I move slowly and heavily; the urgency of the labour I have been engaged on for so long is wearing me out. When it … Read more


The Major had realized, brushing his moustache with the back of his hand, that he knew us. Or rather, my husband. They had been together somewhere, I didn’t catch the name, but it was hot. The two men sighed in unison remembering how the sand burned the soles of their feet through their boots, how … Read more


  MOTHER’S BEADS   ‘This is the drawing-room’, I told the dealer. ‘The best pieces are in here.’ ‘I can see that’, he said, eyeing the delicate porcelain that covered every surface.  There was silence; he, I supposed, pondering what offer to make and I imaging the big white room bare at last. He raised … Read more


  ABSENT WITHOUT LEAVE Lady Stretton was unaware that she lived in a large mock-tudor villa just south of the A3. She sat for most of the day in a small room at the back of the house, away from the noise of passing traffic and from her relations.   She had two sons, two … Read more